IRS Assault on SATP?

Posted: Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 at 10:03 am
By: Tea Party

We’ve previously reported what we see as the covert effort of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to intimidate, if not outright harass, Tea Parties and similar conservative grassroots organizations.

Two years ago the San Antonio Tea Party applied for its official government-issued 501(c)(4) tax exemption status. After months of no communication, on February 2nd of this year, the IRS sent us an 8-page letter informing us they need additional information to process our application. And, “under penalties of perjury” began the friendly greeting, we were asked to answer over 80 questions concerning our events, speakers, expenses, what was said at every event and by every speaker, our associations as a group, and (sit down for this one) names of every donor. All of this information was to be returned to the IRS within three weeks of their request. There are many words to describe this request, but we’ll suffice to say we found it unacceptable.

Similar requests to other groups have been well reported (see David French’s March 2nd National Review Online article “A Broad-Based IRS Assault on the Tea Party.” While we recognize the IRS’ responsibility to ensure requests such as ours are legal and proper, their request for information goes beyond the normal and impinges on our First Amendment rights.

In response to the IRS request, the SATP Board of Directors voted to call upon attorney Jay Sekulow and the American Center for Law and Justice to represent us in dealing with the IRS on this matter. His team of professionals is similarly representing many other groups who also face this situation—see the March 7th stories from The Blaze (Click Here) and the ACLJ (Click Here).

Mr. Sekulow recently wrote, “We are fighting back, representing many of the largest Tea Party groups in America. I am personally heading up a legal team to aggressively respond to the IRS’s political bullying tactics.” Tea Parties, he went on to note, “…have followed the law and requested tax-exempt status for their activities just as Americans have done for a hundred years. President Obama’s IRS appears to be using this as an opportunity to intimidate – to silence – these law-abiding citizens from exercising their fundamental First Amendment rights.”

Additionally, Congress has recently become involved in this issue. In a March 27th letter (Click Here), Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH), Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs, Stimulus Oversight and Government Spending, requested Ms. Lois G. Lerner, Director, Exempt Organizations Division of the IRS to answer some question herself. Specifically, the Congressmen are trying to determine the IRS’ authority on these matters, its rationale, the precedent for these requests, the standards it is using, and how it will use the information it gathers. ACLJ is also reporting Congressional alarm (Click Here). All good questions to ask, and we appreciate this Congressional oversight! The SATP is currently contacting all of our local Congressmen and our two U.S. Senators to sign on to this letter or a similar one.

We will keep you apprised of the battle as it ensues.

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8 Responses to “IRS Assault on SATP?”

  1. Elizabeth Adamson says:

    DON’T GIVE UP!!! The IRS is known for its bullying tactics. Case in Point: My daughter divorced her husband a number of years ago, and at the time he owed $16,000 in back taxes. It was assigned in the divorce to him as he owned the SUB S business that generated the taxes. Of course, these bullies do not recognize that. We applied for innocent spouse relief, on the grounds that she owned no stock in the business and she did not sign on the checking account so it was unfair to hold her responsible. It was turned down 3 times, and we kept appealing. Finally rep of IRS called her telling her she would have a personal hearing soon with him after review. She got another call 2 mo later telling her he had absolutely no idea why it was turned down 3 times – it was blatantly obvious he alone was responsible. The entire debt was assgined to the ex 3 yrs after the divorce!! Lesson – YOU CANNOT GIVE UP WITH THESE IDIOT BUREAUCRATS!! KEEP HOUNDING THEM!!!

  2. Bobbie Mueller says:

    Marilyn loaned me the well-documented “AGENDA: Grinding America Down.” We would like to get enough interest and donations to rent a theatre to have a public showing. Neither of us have time because of the City Bond issue (Vote No please) to garner support. If you’d like to borrow DVD, let us know.

  3. Bobbie Mueller says:

    Marilyn loaned me the DVD of the well-documented “Agenda: Grinding America Down.” Let her know if you’d like to see her copy. I’d love to see us gather enough people (and money) to rent a theatre for a public showing. Communism is far from dead.

  4. Matt Troy says:

    “We The People” have been under attact from the Obama administration since day one after he swore in for the second time without placing his hand on the Bible.

    Think about what this President has done. He has attack the Catholic Church / ( All People of Faith ), Police, Bankers, Wallstreet, Farmers, Energy, Small business owners, Medica, Insurance companies, Arizona, The Tea Party, they have created an enemies list made up of folks voicing their first amendment rights..

    ( I know I am on it !! That is Matt Troy with two “T’s in Matt. If you let them spell it with one “t” they will walk all over you.” ) That is MY OWN joke.

    He has proven that any young child who hates America can one day grow up and be President.

    If you do not know who I am watch the video below.
    I am the cool guy in the sunglasses. Please get all of your friends and neighbors out 5-12-12 to VOTE NO on the city bond election. 20 Years of buyers remorse hangs in the balance!

    God bless you all,


  5. Linda Trumbull says:

    This is a ploy to stop the Tea Party other like organizations from our cause. Our current president feels threatened by us. Keep the battle on going. In the end WE WILL WIN THE WAR!

  6. How can we help? Can we the people send a letter or email to our representatives? What are the addresses to send these to? Is there a standard letter we can send? We can phone as well.

    We need to help! These people need to sign on!A few hundred letters will get Smiths attention.



    • Liz Maloy says:

      You are exactly right. Geroge, please get the information Leo suggests out to all of us so we can pitch in.


  7. Jim Burghard says:

    Have you seen the dvd “AGENDA”, a 93 documentary which will explain what is happening.