Posted: Monday, July 16th, 2012 at 6:46 am

Join the San Antonio Tea Party and other conservative groups as they converge on the Alamo this Saturday, July 21st, for the Texas Freedom Rally.

Sponsored by several conservative groups, the Texas Freedom Rally will be focused on connecting Texas youth and minorities with conservative political groups who are focused on voter education, registration and the election process.

The program will feature future members of Congress and statewide elected officials, joined by local and statewide community leaders and candidates.  Speakers include Barry Smitherman, Dr. Donna Campbell, and Rafael Cruz (father of U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz).  TX Attorney General Greg Abbott and former TX Solicitor General Ted Cruz have also been invited, but have not yet confirmed.  (Candidates who may be participating will speak from their subject-matter expertise and not as candidates for their respective offices.)

Rally topics will include the economy, taxation (including ObamaCare), regulation, education and how citizens can take action.

Workshops will be conducted from 1:00-5:00 PM, with the official evening program beginning at 6:00 and lasting until 8:00 PM.

We expect this family friendly event to be very well attended. Bring your patriotic spirit, flags (US, TX, and historic), and signs.  Signs should be respectful and agenda-appropriate; no profane, violent, or inflammatory wording.

Invite your friends and fellow conservatives (and non-conservatives you hope to educate).

Thank you interest in saving our Nation!

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  1. Harold Saxon says:

    Typical SATP – Announce for a rally 5 days before the date. Geeze. This whole Tea Party in San Antonio just needs to be scrapped and redone.

    • GranPaSmurf says:

      Mr. Saxon,
      So, from your comment, am I correct in assuming you would like to volunteer to help SATP?

    • Harold Saxon says:

      I know exactly what you people do to volunteers.

    • ProudAmerican says:

      Mr. Saxon … as best I can tell, this event has been promoted mainly via social networks, Facebook, and email. As soon as we had sufficient information on the agenda, speakers, etc., we put the word out. Unfortunately, we don’t have the support of the local news media to promote Conservative events. Please stay tuned here to stay informed…we strive to be as prompt and proactive as humanly possible. We are all volunteers…no paid staff! Word of mouth by our supporters goes a long way to get our message out. :-)

  2. Tim Mithofer says:

    ordered a lawn sign. Can you give any indication of when it may be delivered? Thank you and our family appreciates all you are doing.

    • ProudAmerican says:

      Tim, I will follow up on that and let you know! If you placed your order with a neighborhood group leader, then the leader should have it at your next meeting. If that’s not the case, please post another comment!

  3. Don Stephens says:

    It would be nice if the speakers could also talk about illegal immigration.Secure our borders with armed military and deport all illegals–and no guest worker programs.Say no to amnesty,the Dream Act,chain migration, and birthright citizenship.Say yes to a very strong voter ID law ( the one that was passed here in Texas is very weak).

  4. Andy T says:

    Looking forward to this event this weekend! We need to repeal ObamaCare by electing Ted Cruz to Congress and we need to keep Barry Smitherman as Railroad Commissioner to help fight against Obama’s regulations that are strangling our chance at energy independence!

  5. Ben says:

    Glad to see Smitherman is speaking he is helping to keep America free, by fighting Obama’s EPA!!!!

  6. Derek Coleman says:

    Barry Smitherman is fighting against Barack Obama’s EPA regulations that force us to get our fuel from overseas. Smitherman is fighting for Texas and for job creation here at home! I’m a proud Smitherman supporter.

  7. Joyce King says:

    So thankful for Barry Smitherman, Dr. Donna Campbell, and Rafael Cruz who are using their offices and influence to fight for our State and Nation’s freedoms!!!!

  8. ronald rosales says:

    Action at last,this site may surpass the daily junk news paper, which now I subscribe to sunday delivery only, my wife wants the couponds.Well done your on a great roll do not stop.